Car Model

I modeled this from scratch in 3D Studio Max 2012 and rendered it using the Illustrate! plugin. The design was inspired by Bertone designed cars from the late 60s. I plan on using the model in an illustration project sometime in the future.

iPad mini Paintings

These were painted using the ArtStudio app with a basic touchscreen stylus. The app has a surprising number of tools and functionality that you'd find in Photoshop. It's $5 too!

The Gift of LEGO

Welcome to my new site and first post! This is my first attempt at a blog - I thought I'd try my hand at writing about my experiences as a photographer, share some ideas about projects and other random art-related ramblings. For my first post, I'll share a gift that I received on Christmas.

In November 2009, I helped my friend and co-worker Steve with a project. As a gift for my help, he created this LEGO mosaic based on one of my illustrations...

Sweet, huh? He converted a section of the image to 48x48 pixels - the "resolution" of the LEGO board. The next part of the process I'm not quite clear on -- an Excel spreadsheet was used in some way -- he then figured out which colors were needed, pixel by pixel. A total of 2304 spaces are filled, some with larger 2x4 LEGO blocks, some with 1x1, and others with sizes in between. This is one of the most original gifts I've ever received, and I'm proud to have it hanging on my wall. Thanks Steve!